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House Names Ideas

Here are some of the most popular. Naming your home is a great way to make sure that your home is unique and special to you. However, it can be hard to think of names for your home, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of house names that you have to choose from.

To help you to find your inspiration, we have put together some of the most popular house names out there, for you to choose which one could be right for you.

If you just need a number then these slate house numbers might be of interest. 

House Names

Meadow View

If you live in the countryside and are proud of the amazing views that you have every time that you look out of your window, then you might want to consider using the name Meadow View. It is a really great name and a nod to just how special your home is.

Rose Cottage

Whilst you can name your home if you live in a city, on the coast or anywhere in-between; the most common types of homes that you will see with a nameplate is in the countryside. Embracing the beauty of country living, and just how idyllic this can be, Rose Cottage is a great name for any quaint cottage or more rural home.

School House

Lots of homes are purpose built in modern times. However, there are also those that are conversions of other buildings from the past. Some home owners who have bought repurposed homes can take inspiration from the properties previous life for their name. One of the most common examples of this has to be School House. Which is given when the home is an old, converted school house.


Proud of your warm and inviting home? Love to look on the bright side of life? If this is true for you and your family home, then you might want to consider naming your home Sunnyside.

Corner House

This particular house name is relatively self-explanatory. You are likely to want to name your home Corner House, if you find yourself on the corner of the street. Place Corner House on an aluminium house sign to style up your home.

Primrose Cottage

Another flower themed house name, Primrose Cottage will often reflect home that are found in the woodlands. Although, that said, some choose this name as they feel that it is representative of new life and also having a beautiful country life.

Mill House

Traditionally, the idea of the name the Mill House comes from the fact that those who lived in it were actually within that trade. Of course, this isn’t that common a job in modern times, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your ancestry as inspiration for your home.


This name has to be one of the most popular amongst horse lovers. You don’t necessarily have to have horses on site to use this name. Sometimes it is enough for you just to love horses.

No matter what you decide to name your home, you can proudly display your name on your home. A house nameplate is the perfect way to do this and make sure that everyone knows just how you see your home.

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