French House Numbers in Enamel

Want to own a true piece of French style on your doorstep? We offer an authentic range of blue and white enamelled signs manufactured by craftsmen in our workshop. When you've walked through villages, towns and cities in France, you must have spotted these beautiful enamel number signs and the avenues and rues.


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Did you travel home from holiday and think that you'd like one of these for your home? That's the thing about house numbers - they offer you the opportunity to put your own stamp of individuality onto your door entrance.

How do we produce enamel house numbers?

Far from simple to manufacture they take a considerable amount of savoir-faire and time. The enamel is known as vitreous enamel.  Vitreous is actually derived from the Latin word vitreum meaning glass and enamel comes from the old French word esmail. 

Vitreous enamel is a glass produced by a blend of minerals including quartz and feldspar which are then broken down into powder form. The powder is fused with water and other minerals and then applied onto steel at a firing temperature of 850 degrees Centigrade. 

The finished enamel product is easy to maintain and clean. 

Choose from blue and white (numbers 1 to 250) or mediterranean green and white (1 to 99). The size of each French enamel house number plaque is 15cm x 10cm.  

French house number technical details

  • Traditional French high quality product
  • Genuine enamelled steel - fired at 850 degrees C/ 1726 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fade resistant/ colour resistant with a 25 year guarantee
  • Two eyelets on each number sign for easy fixing
  • Fantastic value for money
  • French blue or French green